About Burnside Clothing



Since the beginning, we’ve always been a bit different.

Perhaps it’s because we’re a bit bolder. Perhaps it’s because our culture stands out from the ordinary.

Whatever the reason, Burnside Clothing is redefining the ideal that good clothing has to be expensive. We’re a unique brand that delivers quality lifestyle apparel for you–the trend setter. We think you’ll love what you see.

The Burnside brand began in 1996 as a retail line of fashion woven shirts, inspired by the culture of action sports. A fixture for 19 years, Burnside 360 has   expanded the retail product line to include Shorts, Boardshorts, Outerwear, Swim & Surf, and more. Whatever lifestyle you lead–whether you’re surfing huge swells or grinding down a sweet rail, the Burnside brand fits your active lifestyle.

Burnside Clothing. All in since 96′.