About Gale Webb




Against all odds…

Gale Webb has been described as “A Walking Hallmark Card.”

Gale nearly lost her life in a skydiving accident when her main chute did not open at over 7,000 feet. Her body bounced through the trees like a rag doll–and then, her whole world stopped.

She broke her back, leg, ankles, wrists, fractured her neck & back, and suffered head trauma. Doctors told Gale that she would never lead a normal life, and they were right! Gale does not lead a normal life…she supports her family on wheels!






Gale has devoted her life to inspiring people.

She is the founder of the “Say No to Drugs” programs which she started in 1979 after her best friend died from drugs. That same year Gale started her motivational “Extreme Sports and Air Shows” seen by millions across the country so she could reach kids with her message.

Now almost 70, Gale still rides motorcycles (motocross), raced world Mountain Bike competitions, and competed in the USASA Snowboard events across the United States (gold and bronze winner).

She also still rides her skateboard on Ramps and in pools, all while delivering Extreme, outrageous, exciting, and motivational sport shows.


America’s Sports Mom.

Gale is truly an inspiring figure and Burnside Clothes is proud to be affiliated with such an amazing woman. Her programs and positive messages (“Kids are #1!” and “Say no to drugs!”) are vitally important for students of all ages, and we are delighted to sponsor Gale’s Extreme Sports and Air shows. For upcoming events, and to learn where the Burnside riders will be coming up next, please click here.

Gale’s shows are an extremely entertaining–and can come to you where ever you are! Schools, libraries, parks–are all the perfect venue for a Gale Webb show. For booking information, please call (909) 229-4136 or email gwebbsports@aol.com.